Okay, that makes sense. But who’s to say whether my home is green?

Yes, the framers of the constitution lived in a very different time in comparison to what is around us today. Throughout the years as well, different sessions of the Congress have come and gone, they’ve made amendments to the constitution, enacted laws but they still haven’t touched on this green home initiative.

Yes, there is no law, or regulation that will determine the minimum levels of what a green home should be. That however doesn’t mean that people cannot themselves make up what is required and hold it as a standard unto themselves. And that’s exactly what has happened here.

Different organizations have come up that use regulations from certain governmental bodies, as well as standards with other areas to come up with a certification. These organizations include;

US Green Building Council, which through its Leadership in Environmental Energy Design (LEED) certification program, came up with certification on four incremental levels.

Environmental Protection Agency came up with two different standards. These are the Indoor AirPLUS which rates the quality of air indoors, and the WaterSense ratings to guide homeowners on what products to get, and the design of those products.

Energy Star is probably the most famous. The blue sticker with a white star on electronic appliances meant they had adhered to certain standards, but then this also was required of construction materials. Whereas before it was just a North American affair, this standard is now getting adopted across the face of the earth. 

Green Builders

There are a number of companies who are reputed for building green homes in Atlanta. This here is a list of three of the most popular contractors.

Imery Group

This company was founded by one Luis Imery. What makes him special is the fact that whenever he’s called in, he takes his time to walk the homeowner through everything that needs to get done for the home to be considered a green home. He is also a green rater.

Eco Custom Homes

Here is a company that has been doing this for a very long time. 30 years of living this philosophy not only makes them a veteran, but a very powerful resource when it comes to construction of green homes. They will sit down the homeowners, designers and the contractors and they will leverage all their experience to ensure the client is happy with what they will get from the project.

Cablik Enterprises

If you’re looking for people with awards to show for their efforts, then this is one you should consider. Cablik believe that a green home is not just something to set you apart from the rest, it should be a way of life for every homeowner.


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